Construction & Office Updates


Please call the service for emergencies at 386 663 8334. 

08/28 Schedule updates are posted. Any delays are marked in red.  Stacks 2&3 & 14, 13 are going to be delayed from 8/31 to 9/7.  There will be no workers on Monday – Labor Day!!!  A general update is being mailed out, and a stack specific email is being sent to those owners involved.  Please check your email by tomorrow morning. 

08/21 Owner Update

The concrete restoration has begun! Furniture is off the balconies, and balconies are blocked off. One picture from Wednesday of part of a wall that was jack-hammered is on the website.  Now that I am in Project Mode, I will be updating owners a week before that furniture must be removed. The staff will be happy to remove and place in your unit or another storage area. We will email you a week before the furniture needs to be removed.  This will help when the lift can then move over to your stack, block the balcony during construction, and proceed with their work.  Elevator lobby doors may be blocked off while the lift is in the area. Please read the signs.

I have also put a more abbreviated schedule for owner use on the website.  Please remember the schedules at this time are the same, BUT they will diverge. Please check back each week.  



The Engineering Report


 The Contractor has mobilized the job-site with their equipment trailer, dumpster and (2) high-reach boom lifts. Plywood and timber protection were installed below both lifts.

UEC inspected the balconies at the 01, 016 and 017 balcony stacks to identify structural damage. The slabs and walls at each balcony were acoustically sounded and visually inspected for distressed concrete. Locations of damage were marked with orange paint for the Contractor to repair. The amount of damage was consistent with the original engineering inspection performed prior to the start of the project.


 The Contractor has mobilized the job-site with their equipment trailer, dumpster and a high-reach boom lift. A second lift was delivered but is not operable because of mechanical issues. The high reach at the 01 stack had plywood and timber protection below the wheels.

The 01 stack balconies were inspected by UEC to identify locations of structural damage for the Contractor to repair. The walls and slabs at each balcony were acoustically sounded and visually inspected for distressed concrete. All damage was marked with orange paint for the Contractor. The amount of damage was consistent with the original engineering inspection.

Units 501 & 201 have shoring on the balcony for repairs.


Mold remediation will be taking place in the Clubhouse. The restrooms and entry into the building will be closed for use starting on Monday 24th, and it is scheduled to be closed for 2 weeks. 


08/19 First Picture Concrete Restoration

 08/17 Construction is set to begin this week. The lifts are in the Atrium, the dumpsters have been placed in the front of the building. Stacks Number 01 & 16 & 17 will have jack-hammering start this week.  The dust will be flying. Please wear your earplugs. 

08/04 Video of the Roofs compliments of George Butterfield of 0Gardens 2, and you will see the new roof and the 3 roof under construction. Later in the year I have asked George to video each owners a/c, and I will make that video available through YouTube as well.    Roof Video via YouTube

06/06 The SCM3 Roof is waiting for the last 1/3 of foam to install the oceanfront units. The delay was due to Pandemic Supply Chain Issues. The Roofing folks are continuing with the drains on the oceanfront units until the foam arrives. The Parapet wall is now on the last run down the atrium from the Oceanfront units. The first section should be complete on Monday if the weather cooperates. (It is raining here today).  The wall progress is approximately 100 feet per week depending on the rain. 

06/03 See Proposed Planning Schedule

05/05 The SCM2 West Elevator (street side) is broken. The service has been called. 

4/30 Website is now under construction.  This will take approximately a month.  If you need any items you can not find please email the office, and we will send it to you. 

4/14 – SCM3 Roof – the second 1/3 of the roof is now being put down. All of the downspout covers have been completed. The parapet wall is up, and the stucco is now being applied.  Please see the pictures.  

The pool and common areas remain open! This will continue until the Government Orders them closed!  We anticipate all campus residents to ensure their own adherence to the new social distancing norms. 

SCM3 Roof is still continuing with installation since it is considered essential to get a fully functioning roof in place as soon as possible.  

Maintenance has put all garbage cans away, so each individual person is responsible for their own trash.  Maintenance is considered non-essential except for emergencies or helping the roofers.  If you have an emergency please call the service at 386 663-8334, and they will call/email me with the issue. I will then deploy maintenance or myself to deal with the issue. 

3/25 – The last 2 weeks just flew by with all the changes we are seeing due to the virus.  Please be safe!

The office is now closed, and each and every owner has been emailed. 

SCM3 – Roof construction is continuing! Notices are going out as needed. 

Friday 3/27 Stacks 5 & 6 a/c’s will be turned off for electrical re-wiring. 

3/3 – Beach Access steps have been replaced! Pictures under Campus Photos

2/28 – The SCM2 Roof is COMPLETE! 

2/28 – The SCM3 Roof is moving very quickly. 3/4 of the wall is complete, and only the Oceanfront needs to be completed. The first 1/3 of the roof is being laid down. I’ll update pictures on the website on Monday. 

2/21 Gale warnings are in effect until 3AM Saturday Morning. The Ocean Deck steps have washed away.  Pictures will be posted on Monday. 

2/20 SCM3 Crane has loaded roofing materials onto the roof deck. The parapet wall along parking lot side of the roof is just about complete. 

Noon – Crane has broken in the parking lot after it put all the materials on the roof. The repair people are now on site at 2:00 PM to fix it. 

SCM3 – Dryer on the 5th floor Ocean side had a Canadian Quarter Jammed in the cash slot. That has now been fixed. 

SCM2 – Washer was fixed.  All equipment on campus is in working order. 

2/19 SCM3 Parking lot – Tomorrow Thursday we will have a crane in the Parking lot. We will be putting up cones for a few of you to move to guest spots for a couple of hours in the morning. 

2/18 SCM3 Parking lot side – The wall is going up along the Roof. 

2/18 SCM2 Parapet Wall is complete. The final inspection is scheduled for 2/19/20. Congratulations! 

2/15 SCM2 Board Meeting 9AM in the kitchen.

2/15 SCM3 Board Meeting 1PM in the kitchen. 

2/14 SCM2 – Finishing the stucco on the parapet wall, and may be complete by tomorrow. 

2/14 SCM3 – Wall on the Atrium side is Complete! Next week will be the parking lot side of the wall. 

2/13 SCM3 – Dryer on the 5th Floor Ocean side not taking coins, and technician has been called. All others have been tested and are working. 

2/10 SCM3 – Wall being built on the Atrium side. 

2/09 SCM3 – 16 Stack stack backup. Cleared by the Drain Surgeon. 

2/08 SCM2 – Testing all washer/dryers. 

2/06 SCM3 Stack 08 – Air Conditioners moved to new rack. Owners were notified on the evening of the 4th, and renters were posted on 2/5. The Air Conditioners will be down from 9AM – 1PM

2/05 OFFICE – Both Brittney & Bev have strep throat and will be out until Monday. Brittney has Bronchitis as well. 

2/05 SCM3 – Lift coming into the Atrium to start the wall for the Courtyard. 

2/05 SCM3 – Elevator Ocean side will get the indicator fixed today. The elevator will NOT go out of service. 

2/05 SCM3 – Roof – The wall has started construction at the South Atlantic Avenue side of the building. They are expecting to be completed with 15,16,&17 by tomorrow.  By Friday they will start in the Courtyard with the wall construction. A sign with the schedule has been posted on the Renter Board.  The entire schedule will be posted to the Roof Page later today. 

2/05 SCM2 – Leak remediation is still ongoing for 113 & 213. 

1/30 SCM2 – Active water leak in the 13 stack. In process of finding the leak and notifying the owners involved.  1:22 PM this is being worked on. 

1/30 SCM2 – Active water leak in the 16 stack.  Done and both parties notified. 

1/30 SCM2 – Lights in front of the wall have been fixed by the electrician today. 

1/29 SCM3 – Pressure washing should be complete today. 

1/29 SCM3 – Crane coming in this morning to move materials to the roof. All cars have been tagged, and owners have been notified via email. 

1/29 SCM3 East (Oceanside) elevator has a bad part which has now been ordered. It can be 5-7 business days before the part is received and then installed. Until then we will be re-booting the elevator during the day. Let us know when you see it is non-operational and we will re-boot. Or use the Westside (Atlantic Ave) Elevator until we install the new part. 

1/27 SCM3 East (Oceanside) elevator went out twice in the same day. The elevator was put offline at 8:30 PM tonight. The elevator company has been called. 

1/25 SCM2 – Lights in front of the wall reported out. Investigation found that it is the electric line. The Electrician has been called. 

1/24 SCM3 Roof – The tear off is complete. Maintenance is starting to wash the entire building.  This will include cleaning the balconies, and will take several days. 

1/24 SCM3 – Air Conditioner shut down  Stack 9 & 11 in the AM, and Stack 8 in the PM. UPDATE-They only could get 2 stacks done today. I’m waiting for an update.  

1/22 SCM2&3 – Too Windy and Cold to do any work on the roof, so they have the day off. This is the 2nd weather day since the tear off began. 

1/20 SCM2 – 16 stack will be shut off early in the morning for a unit valve change. This should only take 2 hours.   THE ENTIRE CAMPUS HAD TO BE SHUT DOWN AT 1PM because the stack valve was rusted away. 

1/17 – Too Windy for Roofers to work on both SCM2 & SCM3. This will put them one day behind. I’ll update schedules on Tuesday. 

1/15 – Brittney out of office Sick!  1/16 – Brittney out of office Sick! 

1/15 – SCM3 Roof we are at stack 7, and the chute is being changed to the one on the ocean front or East Bldg. Those parking spaces have already been changed and numbered in the parking lot. Please use the secondary location for the next week or two. 

Good news! There is very little damage so far to the roof deck. 

1/15 There was a power surge, so all elevators are being rebooted. 

Estimated Tear Off:

       1/06 – 1/10      15-11   Done

       1/13 – 1/17      10-05   On schedule

Estimated Air Conditioning dates.  Two stacks each week

12                   1/10

10,11 & 12    1/17   Tomorrow 1/17…..

8&9                1/24

01/06/2020 SCM2 16 stack water shut off will be in the morning.   DONE

01/06/2020 SCM3 Roof Tear Off of 15. 

01/04/2020 CLUBHOUSE – traffic pattern change is now in place to eliminate slip and falls. The sliding doors will be shut, and only one small one will be open. The path to the rest rooms has runners for the people with wet feet to use. 

01/03/2020 SCM3 Air conditioners for Stack # 17 & 14 electric for just the air conditioner will go off in the morning, and back on in the afternoon. 

01/03/2020 SCM3 Roof Tear Off complete for 17 & 16. 

01/02/2020  SCM3 The roof tear off has begun. The gas leak has been fixed and the BBQ’s are back on line, and the pool is heated.  

12/27 SCM3 Stack 16 & 17 air conditioners will be turned off and back on in the same day.  All SCM3 air conditioners will have the same work done each Friday.  Please check the schedule under SCM3 Roof. 

12/23 – SCM3 Roof Tear Off begins. This will start at the West or Street side and take 4-5 weeks until they reach the Ocean.  I still do not have a schedule for the start of concrete restoration which includes Jack-hammering, and putting up the Efface wall which will be a great deal of hammering. 

12/20 The SCM2 parking lot will be closed for a portion of the day for sewer cleaning that is necessary before the rains this weekend.  See picture.  All of SCM2 storm drains have been cleaned out. We will determine level of flooding during the rains this weekend. 

12/20 The Gas line is being repaired today, and we should turn on the heat tomorrow. It should take 2 days for the pool to warm.  See picture.  The gas company will be out Monday to turn on the gas. 

12/17 The pool was completed on Sunday and is now filling with water which is Green! The pool provider will put in the chemicals, and the pool will be ready early next week. 

The gas line from the meter to the pool room has multiple leaks and will be replaced this week. I am anticipating heating the North Pool starting next week. 

7 air conditioning stands are now installed on SCM3’s roof. The garbage chutes are being installed. 

12/16 – SCM3  Air Conditioners on new stands starting with the 17 stack! See the daily schedule down below. 

12/12 – The Gas Leak is scheduled to be fixed Friday. I’ll keep you all updated.  The Pool work has stopped due to the rain. 

Wednesday 12/11 – SCM3 Roof Air Conditioner Pressures are in. Please see the entire list at: